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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 1

Diagnosing Motherboard Issues
An exploration into what causes motherboard issues and several of their solutions.

An indepth look into what can cause a motherboard to fail, and some techniques to diagnose the problems in an attempt to repair, if possible, the issues that prevent the motherboard from POSTing.

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Diagnosing Problems with Screens and Graphics Cards
Common troubleshooting methods for determining if there is a problem with your computer screen or graphics card.

We look into the many causes and issues that arise when we encounter a problem on screen while using our computer.

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Software Solutions for Hardware Problems
Diagnosing and Solving Problems of Hard-Drives and Computer Ram with Specialized Software Solutions.

Software suggestions for dealing with or diagnosing common hard drive failures, computer ram corruption, and a last week reminder of the Subscribe and Win! Contest which is coming to a close.

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Choosing Your Portable Device
Considering the pros, the cons, and usability of portable devices before purchasing a laptop, netbook or tablet.

What you need to consider before buying a portable device you may or may use, and a reminder about the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

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Where is my bluetooth?
A story about mass produced laptops and a missing bluetooth stack.

Story about my Dell XPS M1330 laptop and bluetooth, talk about web-site updates and the Subscribe and Win! Contest.

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