Software Solutions for Hardware Problems

Diagnosing and Solving Problems of Hard-Drives and Computer Ram with Specialized Software Solutions.

Software suggestions for dealing with or diagnosing common hard drive failures, computer ram corruption, and a last week reminder of the Subscribe and Win! Contest which is coming to a close.

Episode #1-18 released on January 30, 2011

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Diagnosing and Solving Problems with Hard-Drives

Hard-Drives fail, it is just a part of life, and as usual, I feel the need to remind people that we should all be doing backups, at least three or more copies. And, at least one copy, outside the house. I also know that very few people will listen to this suggestion, unless they encounter a hard drive failure or loud crazy noises of metal and screaming.

What does this mean to most people? All your data runs the potential of being completely lost, and if your hard-drive has a physical defect, my only suggestion may not be able to recover your data. That's unless your willing to spend thousands of dollars to have professionals replace all the mechanical pieces that replaced to get the data off, you will not get your drive back. And, you still run the risk of getting nothing back.

There is a great piece of software you can buy that can ward off the eventuality of complete hard drive failure. The only hard drive recovery suite I can possibly suggest is SpinRite 6.0, and even with a price tag of $89.00 for first time purchasers, I have never heard single negative remark. There is a great reason for that, it works. Provided your hard drive has no physical problems that prevent it from being able to both power, and be read. It is the most important piece of software I have ever been able to see in action, and the best software solution for hard drive diagnostics, recovery and maintenance.

There is also a way of saving that $89.00, its called making several backups, but then again, I already pointed that out.

Download Source : Gibson Research Corporation

Diagnosing Problems with Computer Ram

Computer Ram, its easy to install, and easy to ruin. Fortunately, its also easy to replace. The question is, how do we know the ram is problem in the computer. The answer to your questions is Mem86+. You can buy it, but I'm just as cheap as you, so guess what, you can also get it legally for free. Ubuntu packages this memory tester into all live disks, which you can freely download and run.

What does mem86+ do? It tests the ram in your computer by testing the memory as a whole, and by sectors to see which part of the ram is defective, if not the whole ram bar. Please bare in mind, always ground yourself before handling ram, because static will short it out, very easy.

What happens if the ram starts to have defective sectors? For one, Windows may refuse to start to avoid damaging your computer, or the computer may not load, or it may load and start crashing a lot. Needless to say, you need to change your ram if your ram becomes defective.

You may download mem86+, as part of the live disk, on the Ubuntu web-site.

Download Source : Ubuntu or Memtest86+

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