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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 1

Advanced Encryption - Plausible Deniability with TrueCrypt
A step by step guide to protecting yourself using encryption.

Guide to using TrueCrypt to making hidden partitions, to protect against data loss resulting in personal and commerical theft and extortion.

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Operating Systems - Windows, Mac and Linux Distributions
A basic overview into operating systems

A look into what operating systems we can have in our homes, Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or Linux.

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Antiviruses - What, Why and How they can or can not work, and the consequences of viral infections on our computers
Introspective look into today's problem with viral attacks on our systems, consequences of our actions and solutions to avoid this type of eventuality.

Techniques, solutions and consequences to avoid viral infection.

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Making Backups - Techniques and Solutions
Introspective look into data loss problem, and solutions to avoid this type of eventuality.

Techniques and solutions to avoid data loss.

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Firewalls - Hardware, Software, the pros and cons, security flaws and issues
Introspective look into firewall technology and security issues

This episode is on firewalls, hardware versus software, and combined usage, security flaws, issues, and tactics to remain safe.

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