Cleaning Up Your Dirty Keyboard and Desk

Tools You Can Use That Suck and Rip Off Dirt

Learn about tools you can use to clean up your desk, keyboard, mouse, and other gadgets.

Episode #9-49 released on July 21, 2019

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Some of you probably spend a lot of time at a desk and computer. Chances are your keyboard, mouse and surrounding environment on your desktop can do with some tender love and care. Today, I show you what you need to clean your keyboard, mouse and desk with a few useful and reusable products that will help you out.

First, item you need to keep an area clean, a vacuum cleaner. While, the air blower I previously talked about does an amazing job at removing dust from keyboards, computer chassis, etc. it only moves the dust from one location to another. You will still need to clean up the mess or do that somewhere outside. A Vacuum will allow you to clean up loose dust without too much trouble. The vacuum I am using, by Meco Eleverde, is a handheld design with two adapters, one having a brush. This allows myself to clean my keyboard, mouse and desk of lose and some stubborn dust.

Now, if you know anything about keyboards, you know that some models do have detachable keys, like those using mechanical key switches. You will have a better chance at cleaning those with a key cap extractor. Take a picture of the board before starting and you may want to avoid trying to move longer key caps because they do often have a stabilizer which can make them harder to remove and reinsert if you lack a pair a tweezers. Once the key caps are removed you will have access the bottom of the board and be able to clean it making it look like new. Just make sure the keyboard is not connected to the computer and the computer is not on.

Lastly, it is possible that you cannot remove the key caps, after all, not all keyboards are made to be disassembled. This includes many membrane keyboards, laptops, etc. For those, you can use a clean toothbrush where you can to gently loosen stubborn dust and you can use a product like Super Clean. Super Clean is a cyber putty product that oozes into concave areas of keyboards and other places and lifts up dirt and dust. Just allow the product to mold to keys and surface then remove immediately without rubbing or allowing the product to remain there for extended durations. The product is reusable only a finite number of times, replace as needed.

And, if all that doesn't do a good enough job, you can always go back to my REVIEW OF EASYGO COMPUCLEANER (YouTube) and see how that tool works as well.

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