You Finally Have Access to Better Internet, Does That Matter?!

Inexpensive and Higher Internet Speeds Generates Jobs!

Learn why better internet access may or may not have an effect on your experience on the Internet specifically, but how it can dramatically change the job market in the immediate surroundings.

Episode #9-47 released on July 7, 2019

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As many of us are already aware there are many people do not enjoy high speed Internet because of giant greedy corporations who simply will not provide high speed internet in places where the population is too small or too far separated.

There are, also, plenty of servers online using Internet connections with less bandwidth and lower throughput. Some servers can, also, be slower due to age, number of active connections, etc. All these due to the cost of Internet connections and hardware.

Then, there is the detail of how each website is programmed. We generally want websites to have more content at our fingertips while experiencing a faster experience, so in the pursuit of all this programmers either sacrifice design or speed, or don't sacrifice a thing and end up with websites slightly slower than desired.

Then, there is, also, your past experience of the Internet. Remembering that all programmers basically use their own computers and servers or third party tools to test the performance, and considering that the odds that programmers are using a decently fast connection means that anything less than high speed broadband is likely to have a worse experience is, also, another point to keep in mind.

We know this can all contribute to a good or bad experience when visiting websites, watching or listen to media available the Internet, etc.

But, how does getting a better Internet connection change our experience of the Internet itself? What are the benefits of a faster internet connection?

If your previous connection was dialup, DSL or some kind of really slowly or inconsistent broadband, then your experience of the Internet would definitely change. Websites would load faster; video and audio would stream better without less stuttering.

If you already had high speed Internet and are simply getting speed boost, as I pointed out before, it may be possible that you experience very little change depending on the server you are trying to connect to. At one point, depending on the type of media download or stream we are talking about, it becomes a processing power issue more than just bandwidth allocation.

It is definitely possible to hit a ceiling when it comes to the benefits for an individual person. However, the faster the Internet, the better the next point is, e-commerce. In places that have extremely high speeds made available to businesses at responsible prices, the more businesses are created. The more businesses are created, the more jobs are created. The more jobs are created, the more secondary jobs are created. And the cycle continues.

So, does getting a better Internet connection matter? Yes, depending on what you are starting with. And, the cheaper and faster the Internet becomes, the more jobs will be created, as a result. You want Higher Speed Internet Access, not just for you, but, also, for the job market.

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