Can a Laptop Processor be Upgraded?!

Why some Laptops can be upgraded while others cannot!

Learn more about laptops and their upgradability related to CPUs.

Episode #9-44 released on June 16, 2019

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The short answer is, not usually. There are plenty of reasons why a laptop processor is not going to be upgradeable, but it all comes down to how the processor is attached to the mainboard within the laptop body.

There are two ways a CPU is going to be attached to the mainboard.

The first method and most common being soldered. This offers the manufacture the ability to make the laptop chassis thinner and use fewer materials in the process, too. Because the CPU would be soldered at the relative same height as a GPU, making the cooling solution is, also, easier because it requires a little less engineering on the part of the manufacture to compensate for bends on the heat pipes.

The other method is a socketed CPU. This requires more components, makes the laptop thicker, and requires more engineering for cooling solutions, and the position of other components. Generally speaking, a socketed CPU would allow for better flexibility on the part of the manufacture. They could make a single board for all their laptop solutions, engineer cooling for the most current, highest end processor and work from there. At purchase, they would only need to insert the requested CPU and that would be it.

If you are buying a laptop with a slower processor to upgrade it, know these details before purchasing. Keeping in mind that most laptops that can have the CPU upgraded are more expensive than their counterparts and are usually geared towards gamers. Virtually all laptops that have a socketed CPU will be thicker, and heavier as a result. You will likely have to disassemble the entire chassis just to be able to access the CPU socket, just to be able to replace the CPU. And, finally, the CPU you replace it with, must be compatible with the laptop you have ordered, too.

If you intend to change the laptop's processor, consider going to web-sites like iFixit, or searching on YouTube for guide on how to disassemble the laptop, as well as, being able to confirm it is indeed possible to swap the processor in the first place before you purchase the laptop. Also, confirm that there is a possibility of changing the processor, too. It won't do you any good to buy a laptop to change a laptop processor if you cannot source a better processor at the same time.

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