Video Games Not Loading? How-to Disable Nvidia SLI

Changing SLI Modes for Applications and Games in Windows

Learn how to enable or disable NVIDIA SLI for your games and applications individually.

Episode #9-40 released on May 19, 2019

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This may affect very few users, but to those who do have more than one Nvidia graphics card, or maybe more than one AMD card, you will learn a method that will make various applications and games work better, or at all.

As a streamer, it has happened numerous times that various games have simply refused to start or just are too buggy to play. You can play developers all day long for this, and you'd be partially right, but the issue is money. A single graphics card is expensive, and two graphics cards are going to be doubly expensive. For that reason, most people do not buy more than one graphics card. Developers knowing this, program video games to work with a single graphics card. Which means that having more than one graphics card can cause issues. Mainly because if you have more than one graphics card, you are far more likely to enable SLi, or Crossfire, in your computer.

Now, in order to change the SLi setting for a game, you can right click the Windows Desktop. Select Nvidia Control Panel, then manage 3d settings, go to program settings, select the application or game you have issues with, then go down the feature list to SLI rendering more and select Single-GPU, especially if SLi is potentially causing issues. That's it. To be sure everything works as intended, restart your computer.

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