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Explanation to why your mobile device, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer cannot hide your location from anyone, even with a VPN enabled, if you don't actively prevent location acquisition yourself.

Episode #9-21 released on January 6, 2019

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A VPN cannot actually hide your location from applications for a great many very important reasons and, today, you will learn why the claims of VPNs can be valid and invalid at the same time.

Focusing on the desktop and many laptop devices, your account already contains your address in it. Also, just because you use a VPN doesn't necessarily mean your device can't see your real IP address, many services use software to make sure your applications can't access the Internet directly, but your operating system does have access to the Internet regardless. Any service you are connecting to can use your real IP address to determine, with a scary amount of accuracy in some cases, your relative location, especially if it can obtain the information from your operating system.

For some laptops, tablets, and all smart phones, you have onboard GPS hardware that is used for location services like GPS navigation, emergency services, location services and identification. Using a VPN, in this case, may prove unable to hide your location from your applications because they get their location information from the operating system itself.

Now, what is generally universal is the application permissions requirement. The real way to be more confident that your location is unknown to the application while using VPN is simple. Disable access to location services to every application, make sure you are using a quality VPN with no data leakage. Disabling location services, also, prevents your location being added to any photographs you take with your smart device, this way no one else can determine your location, and the application can't acquire it from this means either.

Oh, and you might be wondering how I can prove to you that a VPN cannot block your location? Try this for fun, if your device has a Find my location feature like Apple's iOS, turn on a VPN on your phone like TunnelBear, then use the location tool on another device to find your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. If they could really hide your location, then your device would look like it is in a different country, which it isn't.

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