How-to clean up your Facebook Experience, other Social Media Accounts

Steve Smith explains how to clean up the likes in your Facebook profile, and what to do with your other social profiles online.

Episode #8-38 released on May 13, 2018

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Today, a small quick episode on how to quickly clean up your Facebook feed of all those excessive likes that you have collected over the years. And then, an explanation to why you might be interested in doing such a thing to every other social media site you currently use.

Direct to the point, you go to, and then click unlike from the dropdown next to each page you are no longer interested in being associated to.

Why should you do this? Well every spring many people clean their homes, including myself. I periodically clean up my social media follows and likes because of the shear amount of noise having so many can cause. By only subscribing to the content that you generally want in your feeds, you are feed much more accurate and regular updates by those you actually want to follow, with the bonus of not giving advertisers as much information, or control over you.

The more likes, and follows you have, of anything, including those topics you are only passively interested in, the more accurate the web-sites can be in determining your own personality, desires, needs, and of course, the easier it is to target you for advertising with products that may be related to you, that you won't look up online.

Now, for those groups, especially on Facebook, that you want to support with your likes, you do have extra means of doing so. You can request to see first or unfollow without removing the like from the page. A similar idea, also, applies to YouTube where you press the bell icon on YouTube channels you subscribe to. This tells the web-site that you're actually interested in the content and you are going to be delivered those creator's content more frequently, as a result.

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