Which is better, Synergy 2 or ShareMouse?

Steve Smith tests Synergy 2 by Symless, and pins it against the Challenger ShareMouse, which application will win? Testing done from user case scenario of a live game streamer, and podcaster with two machines running Windows 10 Pro version 1709, with both XSplit and OBS Studio running.

Episode #8-29 released on March 12, 2018

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Some background, I am a podcaster, programmer, and game streamer. I run multiple computers and monitors to be able to record shows, stream gameplay, and program code for web-sites. The rating system is based on my conventional use scenario and would affect anyone with similar needs. I use a triple + one monitor specific setup for my computers, with two Windows 10 Pro computers running the latest version of Windows, 10 ver. 1709.

Rule: Points removed if any of the following tasks require someone to use any other keyboard other than the primary keyboard and mouse.

Logging into Windows on Client Device? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Can copy and paste? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Can Drag and Drop? Synergy 2 Pro: 0 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Works normally with XSplit running? Synergy 2 Pro: 0 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Works normally with OBS Studio Running? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Can be locked to a single device? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Can unplug mouse and keyboard and alternate device? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: 0

Can position computer monitors relative to each other? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Can be run locally without access to Internet? Synergy 2 Pro: 0 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Is encrypted between devices and / or over internet? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Bonus Questions

Easy to setup without requiring instructions? Synergy 2 Pro: +1 | ShareMouse Pro: +1

Final Score:

Synergy 2 Pro: 8/11
ShareMouse Pro: 10/11

My Thoughts on ShareMouse Pro

ShareMouse has truly impressed me, ignoring the issue with the mouse, the program operates beautifully, and is so easy to use that any user without reading a manual can use this application. It easily functions with either XSplit or OBS Studio making it a viable choice for any podcaster or game streamer that uses more than one computer for their streams. It is my opinion that ShareMouse should market, not only to productivity users, but also to gamers, and live streamers to whom using more than one computer is normal. The only things that truly bothers me about the product, is the mouse pointer issue in Windows. I feel confident that a user, such as myself could be convinced to switch once that is fixed.

My Thoughts on Synergy 2 Pro

Synergy, I've used your products, even back when it was free. Version 1.8 of your application is currently the best one, but I still use Version 2 because I as a user want to be able to answer my audiences' questions on your product. You have several features that need to be added to make this the truly killer program it deserves so much to be. Drag and drop, local network connectivity, etc. need to exist. You function beautifully despite the missing features with OBS Studio. The same cannot be said when you use XSplit, it is buggy on the client computer, and the mouse input, besides moving the mouse icon doesn't work in that scenario. Once the XSplit issue is fixed, and the other missing features are added, I will be truly able to function the way I like to use my computers, using my first network KVM solution.

My suggestions to both companies is to expand your market range. While, your intent may be related to productivity, I know that programming costs can sky rocket, and the easiest way to mitigate costs while benefiting the current user base is by expanding the product marketing to include other users that you did not intend to help with this product, but that need such a product. Productivity, Online Game Streamers, Podcasters, etc. I wanted to make this versus scenario a positive experience for both, hopefully you will listen to my suggestions, comments, remarks, and take it to heart and work on them.

Thank you for Synergy by Symless and ShareMouse for being good sports, for allowing me to use their logos to clearly mark which product was being tested, for answering my questions and concerns. Thank you ShareMouse for providing the serial number for your product. If anyone needs any more convincing, both companies, Symless and ShareMouse, are truly amazing to communicate with over social media, and both offer compelling products. Below are links to their Web-sites, and the roadmap for Synergy 2 by Symless.

ShareMouse Pro 30% discount coupon "tqaweekly" at compensates for Synergy's recent price change (valid until April, 30 2018). // CTRL-clicking the ShareMouse tray icon temporarily disables monitor switching. // Synergy's roadmap from 2014(!) may help how to interpret the "coming soon" promises: and

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