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Learn where online you can get yourself more eBooks to read on your favorite device, for free, and legally.

Episode #8-27 released on February 25, 2018

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Reading can be a very amazing way of new things, it can be a way to increase our creativity, and more importantly open our eyes to new kinds of adventures and possibilities. Another way of achieving this is discovering new authors that you have never had the chance to read from, and what better way than reading some of their works for free, in the hopes that you enjoy them enough to buy into their other books.

There are several ways of getting eBooks for free, but we will focus on a few legal ways that allow you to obtain eBooks for free, or at a significant discount. These do change periodically, so joining or subscribing to there services is the best way to get updates on new reading possibilities.

The first place, and my favorite is BookBub. It is a web-site, will a newsletter that keeps you informed of new special pricing, including many eBooks that are free. Registration is free, and the site is relatively easy to use. The site tailors itself to your preferences, allowing you to have a custom list of eBooks that are more likely to interest you. While, many of us may have favorite authors, we, also, have favorite styles and story types. Therefore, if you are interested in anything, whether it is sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, action, adventure, humor, etc. they definitely have it, and more. The site includes options for Amazon kindle readers, which includes the software available for most devices. And, also, includes Apple eBooks, as well. This is the first site you should visit on my list.

The second place you should pay attention to, is the twitter account @kindlefreebook, and they are called Kindle Free Books. Just so we all understand, you are not required to have a kindle eBook reader, only a device with the Kindle eReader application, which is free, and an account with Amazon. Their claim to fame is the daily offering of a free kindle eBook every day. You can either bookmark the site, or better yet, if you are on twitter, simply follow them, and turn on notifications to make sure you never miss an opportunity to get what may be an amazing new book to read, and a new favorite author.

A third option, which has a free tier, which limits you to 5 free eBooks per month, is There are plenty of categories to choose from, the option to obtain more. These books are offered as PDFs, which can be read on any device, including Kindles with a little more work. You’ll get the chance to read more books from more authors, and, of course, my suggestion is once you find that one author you love, support the author directly by purchasing their books, whether by Amazon, or your favorite book store.

If any of you have other places you love to obtain free, legal, eBooks for others to discover, leave them in the comments, and I will add them to the show notes, as well.

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