A Technology based how-to in Challenging the Corrupt Political Climate regarding Net Neutrality

Steve Smith talks about mesh networking, a real form of networking that exists outside the confines of the traditional ISP based system, and a possible solution in challenging the corrupt political climate regarding Net Neutrality, a system pushed by publicly traded companies to hold hostage everyone's access to the Internet, free of any limitations.

Episode #8-17 released on December 17, 2017

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Net Neutrality died, at least for now, in the United States, and with few choices of ISP in most of the United States, this means people are going to be forced to pay more. Or, is that the only option?

Here is the thing, the solution to get ISPs to behave may be slower, but it will speak much louder as the number of consumers backing them suddenly sky dives if entire areas suddenly come off the grid, and make their own network, a mesh network. And, this is not the first time a primary ISP network has been abandoned in favor of mesh networking. In places where censorship by countries is a problem, Egypt having been one such place in the past few years of my own show, technology savvy people reconnected to the Internet using Mesh Networks, by passing the entirety of the country's control, allowing for the populace to reconnect with the outside world. Sure, this may not be ideal for Netflix or Youtube, but everything is running at the same speed, without privilege, the way the Internet is supposed to run.

How does one create a mesh network?

To over simplify the process, it is based on the same idea as your own local network, only your network connects to another network, and those connect to other networks and so forth. With IPv6 standards we can, also, change the way the computers, mobile devices, routers, etc. are identified. Cable connected networking is the best option, but not the only option, as well. Any wired or wireless connection specification can be used in the creation of a mesh network. We can use WIFI repeater standards, RJ-45, Bluetooth, Microwave transmission, laser communications, etc. Anything that can be processed through a computer that can be fed back into another network, that is, also, bidirectional, can be used to create our own network.

So, do we really need the big ISPs?

In respects to communicating with others, no we don't. We have become complacent in this regard. 20 years ago, few people knew how to network computers. Now, a child can connect to the Internet with an iPad. We are a much smarter group of people capable of achieving a mutually beneficial goal, and that is to show the ISPs who is boss.

There is only one way to get them to listen now, and it is to make them weak at the knees, and crumble under the debts they will accumulate when no one pays for their services. This is how a country, and the world take back the Internet. By rebuilding the Internet, from the ground up, without the corrupt ISPs, politicians, and federal agencies in the process.

If you are interested in learning the process of mesh networking as a tutorial, make your voices heard, and I shall make you one, and bring you a list of other videos with other technologies from other technology voices that explain alternative means of communications, and networking. To give you an idea of what it is, please go to my source of my episode.

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