How-to Speed Up Computer and Reduce Virus Risk

Removing The Junk From Our Computers

Learn why all that extra software and plugins in our computer can hinder security and slow it down.

Episode #4-37 released on May 29, 2014

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The process of speeding up a computer, can, also, lead the computer to running in a way that is safer. Today, learn the benefits of spring cleaning your computer, and how it can help you avoid viral infections in the first place.

First, start by removing all unused plug-ins in your computer like Shockwave, Flash, Java, etc... anything you do not need to use.

Second, uninstall all toolbars in your browsers. You frankly don't need 16 toolbars to search Google. Most toolbars can, also, result from or cause viral infections are some point. Not to mention how some will collect personal data, which you may not want leaking.

Third, uninstall any application you don't need, or haven't use in a long time, chances are you don't need it. Many of the applications will query the internet for updates, and this will present a whole host of efficiency issues from your computer, the more applications connect online, the more will load into memory, the more available memory and the more command executions required.

Forth, remove any frequently unused applications from the Windows startup as this will significantly slow down your computer.

Fifth, and final, prevent having to do these kinds of spring cleanings by only installing applications you need, and only those you actually went looking for. Many applications come in packages, by reading the installation instructions, and not installing useless applications, you avoid having to uninstall these applications in the future.

What this have to do with virus infections, and how does this help prevent viruses?

Well, when you remove application plug-ins that are common on multiple platforms it may look like it hinders the use of some applications, however, if you are not using it, best not to run a plug-in that can be the possible launching pad for operating system specific infections.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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