Monetizing Your Mobile Applications

How to generate revenue from free applications on mobile devices.

Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, talks about generating supplemental income in from within mobile applications

Episode #2-10 released on November 20, 2011

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Good morning everyone, do you want to learn how to cash in from your mobile application? Yes! Sell it! Ok, without selling it? Yes. Ok, I've got a few places you can register to get your mobile applications some banner advertisements, and a few not so used techniques you may want to try, on this episode of Technology Questions Answered.

First, I said last week I'd show you the new, future logo for Technology Questions Answered, and this is it. Simple, Clean, and Red. The new web-site will be at, and it should be up and fully functional in the next week, or two. You will still be able to go to, and visit my business site, and hit a link to bring you to the podcast, but is going to be its new home.

Let's get to business, making money from an application, when your using advertisements, can be made to be a nightmare, and it all depends on how many people download, install, and use your application. You need to be absolutely sure this is an application that people want and will use before there is any potential for success, or advertise it as much as possible.

There are two types of income you can make from an application, but we will only focus on advertisement driven income. Advertisement driven income can live one of two ways in an application. You can have the top or bottom locked advertisement we are all used to seeing in a mobile application, or, you can insert normal advertisements in the middle of the screen, we just need to verify one detail before we start using those advertisements.

How about we start with a few services you can use to follow the normal advertisement campaign model. You have Admob by Google, Millennial Media, or M Pression. You need only register to start using their services in your own application. Of course, these services serve different parts of the world, so look them all up, and use the appropriate one for your application. The normal advertisement campaign model is fairly easy to explain, place at top, or more commonly bottom, and let it be pressed by numerous people interested in products, or clicking on it by accident. I've done this numerous times in free games, and it annoys the heck out of me. I do have a good suggestion for you.

Another type of advertisement choice you have requires that you know that the advertisements will be served to web-sites that support mobile browsers. You can use services like Linkshare, and Commission Junction to generate advertisement banners that you can add to your mobile application. My suggestion is to use small square or rectangle boxed advertisements in the middle of the screen, and use these below titles of articles, this increases visibility and is easier to avoid for people, as long as you remember to leave some space on either side of the advertisement to scroll down. And, you can generate sales commission income, instead of click through redirection income. If you have a computer column, add computer store links, if you talk about makeup, add makeup advertisements in your application. Now, about that detail you needed to check, before adding any banner to your application, visit the host companies web-site with a mobile device and check if the web-site is usable. If it is, and chances are it is, if it is a big company, then your all set to make more income. And, you can always leave the tiny banners in place, too, we will call this, mutually assured income generation.

Next week, I solve a common technical problem for a lot of people. I'll be talking about those pesky USB headsets that override the computer's sound card. If you want the solution, and I know you do, then come back next week, to learn how I achieve this, every single day.

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