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Steve Smith, host of your Technology Questions Answered, talks about AutoCad, its origins, usage, and other software solutions.

Episode #2-03 released on October 2, 2011

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Good morning, and welcome to another episode of your Technology Questions Answered, hosted by yours truly, Steve Smith, aka Zed Axis. Today, I'll talk about AutoCad software. I'll explain what it is, and why it is used. I'll explain what it is suited for, and finish with a free software solution to get you all started.

What is AutoCad?

First, AutoCad was developed and sold by AutoDesk, Inc. First released in December of 1982. We can all agree that the Auto, in AutoCad comes from AutoDesk, Inc. The Cad, in AutoCad, means computer aided drafting. AutoCad, is essentially a 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software designed to help designers of hardware, buildings, bridges, furniture, etc... to create virtual versions of planned creations.

What can AutoCad be used for?

AutoCad, can be used by anyone who wishes to build their own house, design furniture, cars, bridges, large buildings, etc... It is typically used by civil engineers, but anyone can use it to create a large array of projects.

When you say typically used by Civil Engineers, what do you mean?

Civil engineering, which encompasses the building of house, malls, amusement parks, skyscrapers, over-passes, bridges, etc..., use AutoCad, and various other similar software solutions to create these future projects to see just how it is going to look, act under various conditions, and plan the developmental stages of construction. It also allows them to print 3D versions of various projects to test with, in such experiments like wind tunnel testing, which allows them to view the various stress points caused by high winds. So, when I say typically, I don't mean always.

Who else can use AutoCad?

Anyone, who has a reasonable familiarity with 2D and 3D concepts. If your planning on designing buildings, like your own home, you will need to use your local town, city or federal laws and bylaws to help you design your structures to code. Otherwise, if you understand the idea of building structures, know what negative and positive space is, and you have a good imagination, you can use AutoCad to design anything. For small business owners, this means, you can design your 3D business name sign for your commerce.

Where can I get an AutoCad software solution?

Now, I'd typically say to buy directly from AutoDesk, Inc. However, for anyone who just wants to try it out, I do know of a free software solution called LibreCad. Now, LibreCad asks for a small donation if you really get into using it, or start using LibreCad for commercial use, it's still free software, because your not really obliged to give anything, one way or another. You can download LibreCad from

Next week, I'll get into Instant Messaging. For anyone, who is like me, and who has just about every popular and not so popular instant messaging client installed, you may want a simpler solution. Next week, I'll give you a few really awesome choices that allow you to chat seamlessly with anyone from any service your using.

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