How to Shut Down USB Hubs Automatically?

Is it possible to close a USB hub when the computer shuts down?

Learn the process required to turn off USB hubs automatically when you shut down your computer.

Episode #13-14 released on December 13, 2022

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When it comes to computers, we tend to have various gadgets that are connected that continue to draw power, and those devices can rack up your electric bill. Obviously one or two small devices will not do much, but what can be done about other devices that draw a lot of power via USB?

The solution for disabling power to a USB hub depends on how it is connected to your computer. While, in both scenarios you need to turn off power to the USB port from your computer, there is an extra step for those who have USB power, also, via a wall outlet.

For your computer, you may have to consult your manual online, but most mainboards for custom built computers come with the option to disable power to USB ports with the computer turned off. Once you turn off the USB ports, you will not be able to use any device to turn on your PC via USB though.

For your USB hubs that are powered by a wall outlet, too, you will either need a surge bar or a UPS with a master plug that turns off several of the outlets. Plugging in the computer into the master plug will allow the surge bar or UPS to know when the computer is off, and if you plug the USB hub into the master-controlled outlets, it will turn them off whenever the computer is off.

When the USB power is disabled in the BIOS and the surge bar or UPS is master-controlled, you will be able to completely turn off power to all USB devices whenever your computer is turned off.

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