Securing an Automated Home From Yourself and Thieves

Home Automation, Social Networking And Predictability Issue

Learn how to protect your home from thieves who will use predictability and social networks to verify when you are home or not.

Episode #12-25 released on February 25, 2022

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Did you know there is a reason why you should vary the times for home automation, and by the end of this, you will understand the reason without question.

Have you ever seen the movie, Home Alone? Notice how the wet bandits determine which houses are not occupied based on a combination home automation and intel gathering. They figured out which homes are empty because of predictability and by interacting with each place as a fake police officer. It was probably not possible then, but it is possible now to imitate the randomness of life itself in a home. Now, it is highly unlikely someone visits dressed as an officer, so let s focus on the home automation itself.

The way you should program home automation is not necessarily based on sunrise and sunset, not based on fixed times either. You should consider a little more randomness, so that things come to life at different times of day and shutdown in the same way, too. Consider editing the times often, too, as to throw off anyone trying to guess whether or not you are home, too.

Another method to give the illusion of someone home is to stagger the times between various areas of the home, so the lights of each room do not turn on all at once and give the impression that someone is moving around in your home, too.

If you want to further convince people that you are home, even when you are not, consider the following, allow for various objects to turn on in the same room, at various times, too. Giving the illusion that someone is home. Having access to two-way communication, is, also, a plus. Being able to talk and converse, even if you are not home, allows you to confuse others who may be wondering if you are home or not. After all, very few people want to be identified as criminals and they will go out of their way to avoid you whenever possible.

Also, while we are less likely to fall victim to intel gathering attacks in person, many people continue to post when they are going out and on vacation, as opposed to after the event is done and they have returned home. It is a safer idea to post photos and videos of events after the event is over as to not give away to everyone watching, that you are not actually home at the moment.

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