How To Remotely Restart Smart Home Cameras

Smart Home Hardware Reset Trick

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Episode #12-24 released on February 18, 2022

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As part of my personal smart home project, I am using Wyze Cam V3 cameras. These cameras do get frequent firmware updates, and accounts are protected with unique usernames, passwords and two factor authentication. They are easy to set up, use micro-SD cards for onboard memory, can record events only or continuously, can use multiple triggers like time of day, or even geo-location for enabling and disabling the camera. And the usually, when power goes out, they turn right back on when power is restored. And, because the camera uses a USB charger, it is possible to connect it to an uninterruptable power supply or battery bank and have the battery bank charging all the time. However, if there is any issue with the Internet, you tend to get a hard error, a code 90 that can only be removed once you physically unplug and re-plug the camera itself. This would normally present as an issue that cannot really be solved, unless you use another type of smart home device, the smart plug.

The smart plug, like a smart light, has control over power, and can turn off the connected items, be it anything, including lights. You can do this based on various settings, and you can do this manually, as well. Because you can turn the device on or off, it is possible to use a smart plug to disconnect power from a Wyze Cam and then restore power to allow the camera to basically be hard reset. Much like unplugging and re-plugging manually. Because of this, I no longer have to rush home to fix the camera itself, I can do it remotely.

These types of configurations can be used to solve immediate issues and do remote troubleshooting, but what else is this useful for?

It may be hard for a few to imagine, but if for some reason there was a security issue, it would be possible to disable remotely affected devices, and combined with remote access to my own network, I could even disable all the WIFI and hardlines when necessary. Most Wi-Fi enabled switches do come with manual overrides, so even without Wi-Fi you are not left in the dark. The same is not true for smart bulbs, at least some of the ones I have looked at.

This interconnectedness and reliance on the Internet are the very reasons why I need a way to disable the smart home remotely and have redundant access to most devices.

But this does make me think of an interesting possibility, at what point is a smart home now to vulnerable to the outside world. What are the fail safes that need to be built into future smart homes to avoid all the horrors of movies.

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