How to Replace A Built-In Sound Card in Your PC

Mainboard sound card died; can you use a different sound card?

Learn about two clever ways of replacing a defective sound card, and how to possibly diagnose the issue, too.

Episode #12-22 released on February 4, 2022

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We have all had to deal with hardware that fails for any number of reasons, be it software, firmware, or hardware being the issue itself. And mainboards are packed with hardware, all of which can possibly fail at any time, the sound card included.

When it comes to your mainboard, know that if anything fails, you are not alone, but there are things you can do to mitigate the problems.

First, head to the bios, and disable any hardware that has failed. This makes it easier to remove bad drivers and then you can reactivate the hardware, reinstall the drivers and see if the hardware itself is bad.

Second, consider updating firmware, just in case, it may be a known issue with a fix.

Third, disable the hardware and connect a replacement device whether internally via PCIe or by USB.

In the case of sound cards, you can rewire the front panel wires to the sound card, instead of main board, in many cases, especially if the card is internal. Also, it means you can connect your speakers to the new sound card and continue your life as usual listening to your favourite videos and music.

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