High Lag, Low GPU Utilization, What Is Happening?

When A Game Simply Will Not Run in Real Time

Let me guess, you are trying to play a video game, and the performance is horrible, you check your graphics card utilization and see it is really low, what is happening?

Episode #12-09 released on October 22, 2021

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When we are talking about video game performance in a computer, we are referring to a computer's ability to render as many frames as possible to allow us to have an enjoyable experience. There is a point between not rendering a minimum frames per second and no longer being able to play in real time that causes a computer to have extremely high lag with really low GPU utilization and the answer can come down to a computer not being able to render the actual game itself.

There are many reasons why a computer would not be able to render a game, even at really low FPS, but they all have to do with a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements for the game, or a game were the settings are set beyond the capabilities of the computer.

A computer that does not meet the minimum specifications of a game, will need to be upgraded in order to be fast enough for the game to run. While, upgrading the graphics card helps in some cases, in the particular case, that may not help. The entire system seems to be too slow to run the game, not just the graphics card. This is determined easily by fact that in this scenario the graphics utilization is too low for the card to be getting sufficient information, meaning the processor is the issue.

A computer game that is set beyond the capabilities may cause issue where the graphics card is too overloaded to run or may cause the CPU to be unable to provide sufficient information to GPU to properly render the game because there are simply too many draw calls for the system to render.

In any case, the game is sending too much information to the CPU and the graphics card is not utilized, and that means that CPU is either unable to perform as required in a recent generation build, or so old that it could never perform fast enough to be able to utilize the GPU to its full potential.

The easiest way to determine this, is to open the task manager and verify CPU and GPU utilization. If CPU utilization is high and GPU utilization is non-existent, the CPU is potentially the issue. It is, also, important to note that a sufficient amount of ram is required for the CPU to work properly in delivering draw calls to the GPU. For many games and applications, having less than 8 or 16 GB of RAM will slow down performance of CPU to point that the number of draw calls possible will be too low to be suitable for the intended game or application running.

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