Can You Change IP Address Without VPN?

Is Changing IP address without VPN, Proxy or Tor Possible?

Learn about various technologies that actually allow you to use a different IP address.

Episode #11-35 released on April 28, 2021

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The was a viewer that talked about using a non-vpn application to change their IP address to become anonymous, and today, I will talk about how that is not possible outside of using TOR, VPNs, and Proxies.

Your IP address is how your request becomes delivered to you. If you request a website, your IP address is part of the metadata to return the requested information. A VPN famously does this by redirecting your traffic through them, the request is sent to them and forwarded to you.

The same is true for both the Proxy and Tor, too. They both hide your identity behind a different IP address and forward all requests back to you. This means, that regardless of choice, a VPN, Proxy, or Tor, will change your IP address and allow you to obtain your requests.

There are other ways to changing the IP address within a request, however, this is used maliciously, and using with DDOS attacks, not with actually hiding your identity.

The issue with changing the IP address within your request is this, you will not receive the reply from the request, it will be sent somewhere else. If you were logging in, then all that account confirmation information never made it back to you. Most networks will simply ignore replies to requests never made by their network. This should serve as a warning, if an application says it can change your IP address, and it is not a VPN, Proxy, or Tor, then it does not do anything at all, especially if you are getting your requests back. Hopefully, you are not paying for such an application on your computer or phone, and if you do have one, uninstall it immediately.

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