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The Switch From Third-Party Cookies Begins

Learn about the End of Third-Party Cookies for Advertising in Chrome.

Episode #11-34 released on April 20, 2021

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Google's new replacement for third party cookies is called FLoC, which is short for Federated Learning of Cohorts.

What is FLoC?

FLoC is meant to replace the third-party cookie by allowing the browser to classify each user into a Cohort, which is just a fancy word for group. Basically, people with similar interests will be placed in the same Cohort, and the Cohort will be targeted, not the individual user.

Will the third-party cookie disappear?

The third-party cookie will not disappear, provided the first party cookie continues to exist, because it is based on the loaded asset. And, sure, while many browsers may have the option to block the creation of cookies from loaded third party assets, it does not block them from acquiring the data, which means Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. can continue to know where you visit online.

Is FLoC privacy friendly?

The answer according to Google is yes, because the claim is that your cohort group is targeted, no you yourself. According to Google, there is supposedly no reason any advertiser should know who you are specifically. That being said, no one is one hundred percent identical to another and that is probably why DuckDuckGo released an update that blocks FLoC in the Chrome browser, citing it being creepy.

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