Why Is The Internet Slow Over Work VPN?

Your VPN May Be Slower For Reasons You Can Relate To

Learn why your ISP may not be to blame for slow performance of your work VPN.

Episode #11-31 released on March 30, 2021

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We all want what we paid for, this is perfectly understandable, however, when it comes to Internet Speed Packages, we are usually not aware of the reasons why we cannot always achieve those speeds. Combine that issue with VPNs and some people will truly be confused.

How about we explain the entire process so we all understand why your VPN access can be slower than your Internet connection by starting with your Internet connection. As a client of an Internet Service Provider, you are paying for a certain about of available bandwidth, upload and download quota, too. The available amount of bandwidth is the speed metric, however, that is only guaranteed to and from the ISP's node, after that point, they are not in control of your upload and download speeds from each server.

Your VPN has the same kind of agreement with their ISP but on a much greater scale, and VPNs often occupy many server farms around the world. Each server farm may have a different allocated upload and download bandwidth plan.

You, also, have to contend with Internet traffic, the more users are using a particular server farm, the slower the connection will be. And this presumes, that we are talking about commercial VPNs and not the business VPN you may have to use which may or may not be able to handle large volumes of bandwidth.

The distance between you and the VPNs introduce latency which can further slowdown the connection to the remote service, making the experience seem positively horrible. And we typically blame the ISP in these cases, despite the additional points of failure introduced in those more complicated connections. It is true the ISP can be responsible, but so can the ISP of the VPN, and each of the particular ISPs of each server node you are bouncing off from one place to another. And, if it is your business, the way the equipment is setup may cause significant issues if the number of users online at the time is too high.

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