Users Make The Operating System More Dangerous!

Operating Systems Traditionally Safe Targeted By Malicious Groups

Learn why the security of a user depends on more than a safer platform

Episode #11-12 released on October 25, 2020

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If you believe that your Linux, Unix, BSD, or Apple Computer is safe from viruses, this episode is for you. Microsoft Windows users are already aware of the everyday perils that come with malware, however, other traditionally safer platforms are being targeted at a bigger and bigger scale, by malicious groups who intend to infect more computers than ever before with malware campaigns that pass even modern and strict processes, one notably called Notarization by Apple.

The idea of a safer platform is an old idea that stems from only two naturally occurring reasons.

The first reason why a platform could be considered safer, is because it notably is. With better or more enhanced user permissions. More patches, easier access to code for validation, etc.

The second reason a platform could be safer, is a smaller user base. If the number of users using a platform is small enough the less likely it will be targeted due to monetary incentive, even if the platform is full of security issues.

Coding practices and how coding engines are made create flaws and due to this issue, we have a cat and mouse game where we are constantly patching issues and, in some cases, creating new issues with the patches themselves. Solving one issue can sometimes cause hundreds of unintended flaws to appear.

The other issue is the populace. If a given user base treats the operating system as being safer, they tend to act differently than if they believe the platform is flawed. This means that if you think you can do anything you want because you are safer, you tend to act in a way that is more dangerous online, and this is where most users, regardless of platform end up in trouble.

And, the users' behavior, is ultimately what brings down any platform. And for this reason, we have noticed a really sharp increase in malware targeting Apple computers and other platforms. Some of the malware affecting Apple users now include GravityRat, XCSSET, OSX/Shlayer, OSX/CresentCore, etc. But, to save you all some time, I will be leaving a link with a whole list provided by MacWorld.

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