DNS Over HTTPS Is Coming To Windows 10 This Fall

Learn about the latest feature coming to Windows 10

Microsoft finally testing a feature worth having in the fight against DNS Hijacking, DNS Over HTTPS!

Episode #11-04 released on August 30, 2020

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Recently, It was brought to my attention that some ISPs openly hijack DNS queries. Because the majority of us still use the standard DNS query when connecting to websites our ISPs can always change the entries. This is definitely a problem for Wishnet customers in India, as pointed out by Pratyay Dutta, who replied to my episode called "Americans! Your ISPs are Lying about DNS over HTTPS, And This is Why!".

Now, there are a few browsers that can avoid this issue completely by using DNS over HTTPS, but what if you could do it use your operating system instead. To Pratyay and many others, you are in luck, Microsoft is currently testing DoH and will be releasing it in the next service package in November. You will no longer have to deal with ISPs openly hijacking your DNS queries which ensures that each user has more privacy. Combined with use of VPN and HTTPS Everywhere, you will be able to regain that much more of your privacy when using a browser, your computer and anything else.

Now, we may need a refresher in how to protect ourselves online with proper use of VPNs, so I will indicting that best means on use for a VPN, so you, your family and friends are all protected on your Internet connection.

What you need to do is identify how much protection you need. If you only desire to protect a specific computer, you can often install VPN software into your computer or head over to the settings in Windows, then Network & Internet then VPN where you can add a VPN connection. If you need to protect every device on your network, you will use the VPN feature in your router's settings. Mobile devices often have a VPN option in the network or connections part of your device. Linux and Apple computers, also, have settings for VPNs.

Wondering what a VPN will do when you are already using DNS over HTTPS?

At one point an ISP will no longer be able to hijack DNS queries, but it will not prevent them from blocking the IP addresses associated to that web-site. You can easily defeat that by using a VPN. Not only do you get the website you intended, but you, also, get access to more websites, and depending on which area of the world you select, access to content that may have been restricted to you.

Just keep in mind, that various services, like your bank, may believe a possible fraud is occurring if you access those sites from a VPN. Even services like Steam, may react negatively if you use a VPN to make purchases. Those are just a few details to keep in mind.

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