That Cellphone is your Privacy Vulnerability!

Learn how you can be tracked without your knowledge

Learn why your cellphone location data, sensor data, those cloud backups and the cellphone network your cellphone puts your privacy at risk!

Episode #11-03 released on August 23, 2020

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With the current pandemic, there are plenty of people worried about microchips in vaccines. There is no point in placing a microchip in a vaccine and why would anyone have to? Your cellphone is a vulnerability in itself. Nearly every person has a mobile device or more. They gather more data than we are aware of and that is just the beginning.

Mobile applications are the biggest culprit when it comes to data collection. The sheer amount of data they can collect can make any anonymous user vulnerable of identification just by collecting some much information, like GPS location, that you could easily plot on a map, where a person works, lives, shops and goes out. That acts like a unique fingerprint to you. Even if you always travel with your kids after work, your work location will not have your kids present. Each child who has a phone can easily be identified by locations their phone is present during school hours, even if the child has numerous physical classes to attend, the routine of a schedule will be unique to them, when combined with their home location. This means location data extremely powerful to application developers and dangerous in the hands of anyone malicious.

The second dangerous detail about your mobile devices, sensor data. There have been a few cases where criminals have been found guilty of crimes and the data used to prove they were in a specific place included sensor data from the phone. While, location can show where you are, it may be insufficient to prove you were in a particular location, but the step data in your phone does include elevation data, meaning each time you walk up and down the stairs, your phone knows this and records it, too. That is how some of them are found to be guilty, but a combination of data, itself.

The third dangerous detail, sim cards. Yes, it is nearly impossible to crack a sim card and hack into your phone in that way, you are right, but the problem is that these are not foul proof. Imagine someone really wants to access your accounts, they merely need to convince your mobile provider to issue a new sim card in your name for your account and they will then receive all your texts and phone calls from that point on, your phone will be disable as the network terminates your sim card in your mobile device. And, yes, this vulnerability is more commonly exploited than you are led to believe.

The fourth dangerous detail about mobile devices, are the networks themselves. First developed in 1975, the SS7 or CCIS7 are some of the most vulnerable and dangerous attack vectors for mobile devices. You do not need to hack a sim card or exchange it, if you can intercept all messages and calls, and that is what those networks provide. Normally used to provide accurate billing details and access to other networks, those networks have protocols that allow for exchange of voice calls and messages. It can be exploited by governments, police, and hackers. The police agencies, governments of the world and hackers can transparently forward all calls and messages to themselves before directing them back to you, leading you to be none the wiser. And the worse thing about this, you cannot do a thing about it. And, while there are several services that monitor the SS7 and CCIS7, nothing is foul proof and those, if those sensors have vulnerabilities, which they undoubtedly do, how will you be ever sure a hacker is not spying on you. And, along those lines, how do you know the government and police are not spying on you.

And, yes, while being paranoid about people watching you may be a wild waste of your time, I want you to take one detail with you, if you are so worried about your privacy, should you really have a mobile device? After all, why chip an entire nation, when you can give it YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. and use the tools people already have to spy on them.

Remember, the government and police are there to protect everyone, and often times, they do this by violating our own rights, in the process.

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