The PS/2 Versus USB Keyboards, which is better?

New USB Keyboards are great but PS/2 Keyboards have better compatibility

Learning why there are still PS/2 connectors on many mainboards.

Episode #10-44 released on June 14, 2020

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New keyboards use USB connectors, not PS/2 connectors, however, many do come with a USB to PS/2 adaptor, this is not the same as keyboards with real PS/2 connections, and there are a few reasons why the PS/2 keyboard was better, and a few reasons why the USB keyboard are better.

Let us start off with USB Keyboards, currently the most common type of keyboard around.

The first cool thing about USB keyboard is RGB, yes, let us get that out of the way. Personalizing a keyboard is possible with software when a keyboard is connected by USB. PS/2 connectors do not allow for the necessary power to have RGB and does not have the type of connection required to allow for many of the personalization of keyboards we have come to expect.

The second thing cool about USB keyboards is macros, yes, you could do it with a PS/2 keyboard if there was onboard recording, but the use of software makes it easier to achieve, and thus, making USB better in this scenario. The macros can, also, have limitless length in many cases allowing for a series of commands to be played whenever a macro key is activated.

Third thing useful about USB keyboards, many are capable of having the entire keyboard become a set of macro keys. This is useful when you have multiple keyboards and want or need rapid execution of common tasks in software or games.

A fourth thing that is cool, which is related to gaming keyboards is n-key rollover. The higher the supported number of keys are, the longer a set of keys can be for a shortcut, or the more keys you can press in a game, or type with.

Now, this is where PS/2 keyboards began to be better than USB keyboards.

First of all, n-key rollover will always fall short when compared to PS/2 keyboards, because every switch can be activated at once. This means that only the computer becomes the bottleneck from key recognition.

Second cool feature of PS/2 keyboards is that there are no conflicts in software from a typing standpoint. You typed, as fast you can, and the computer inputs all the keystrokes without issue, unless you type as fast as Superman.

A third neat feature, lower power requirements and better compatibility. A basic keyboard, and PS/2 keyboards are often basic, has better compatibility. In fact, many mainboards still support PS/2 keyboards decades after it was the norm.

A fourth neat detail about PS/2 keyboards, many just last longer. Older keyboards, and keyboards built in the same manner, last a lot longer, especially the mechanical variants. Sure those made a lot of noise, but if you find an old PS/2 keyboard, and have the PS/2 connector on your mainboard, and you plug it in, it will likely work, and without the need for a driver.

A fifth reason why PS/2 keyboards are better than USB keyboards, drivers. Both will work without issues without any special drivers, but the functionality of a USB keyboard is limited to basic functions and some parts may not work properly without the correct driver. A PS/2 keyboard will always work, without issues, using the generic keyboard driver.

And that is why a PS/2 keyboard is currently better than a USB keyboard, unless you need macros and RGB, because everything else already existed on the PS/2 platform and until you can press every key on your USB keyboard and have it last decades, the PS/2 keyboard is just better.

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