How-to Use Tampermonkey to Delete Every Saved Post on Reddit

The easy process required to eliminate your saved posts on Reddit

Learn the process of eliminating your saved posts on Reddit, using a browser extension called Tampermonkey and a bit of code.

Episode #10-17 released on December 1, 2019

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Tampermonkey is a Chrome Browser Extension that can be very useful. In our case, we will be using it to remove many saved posts on Reddit to demonstrate the power of the extension. It does, however, require some knowledge of programming, or better yet, access to the code required to achieve the task you want to achieve it.

Step one, open the Chrome Browser, and head over to

Step two, install the extension.

Step three, preparing the code required for use by Tampermonkey. You will first have to click on the icon for Tampermonkey and head to the Dashboard. From there, you will have to click the plus sign to open a new file. You have a few sections to fill out before you include the necessary code. These include name, match and then the user script. Name is simply the name of the file. I called it Reddit Unsaver. The match variable is the following URL,, simply replace youraccount with your Reddit username. The user script is below.


Click file, then save.

Step four, make sure the user script isn't active, yet. So, disable it before doing anything else. This is a good idea, just in case you saved anything you actually want to keep, which is why you should go through the list first and see if you want to keep anything, and just keep the address saved somewhere else.

Step five, and this part is going to be fast, go to, replace the youraccount with your username. Then, click on the Tampermonkey icon, then click the switch beside the user script you just saved. The page will quickly be emptied of saves. At this point, when it is completed you may want to click the Tampermonkey icon, then disable the user script.

And, you are done!

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