Controlling Your Windows UI Color Scheme

How-to Personalizing Colors in Windows and Enable Dark Mode

Learn how to control the color scheme of your Windows 10 install, including how to enable dark mode.

Episode #9-43 released on June 9, 2019

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Your Windows 10 installation can be annoying, after all, you have to deal with forced updates, a non-evolving User Interface and many buried features. What you don't have to do, is to stick with the generic look of the UI, can change the color scheme and the light/dark mode.

First, I will be demonstrating how to change the colors in Windows. From the desktop, right click then select personalize. Under personalization, select colors. You will see plenty of options including automatic accent color detection, a place to select or even create a custom color, options for transparency effects, the ability to show the accent color of your choice in the start menus, taskbar, action center and title bars.

But that is not it, you don't need to go any further to access light or dark mode. Bottom of the same page select which ever you want.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Dot Net

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