Learn the process of protecting your Windows 10 Machine from tampering by others, and what you can do after it happens.

Episode #9-31 released on March 17, 2019

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I spend a lot of time on Reddit, in fact, I just made a new subreddit for all of you at https://www.reddit.com/r/tqa_weekly. This episode is based on the events that occurred to a 20-year-old college student whose father installed an application called Net Nanny on his PC preventing him from accessing core system tools and blocking him from doing anything but working on the PC. Today, what I explain to you will help you mitigate the risk to some degree, maybe even entirely if you follow all my instructions to the letter.

If your computer hasn't been tampered with, yet, follow these instructions.

First, it is important to note that no one can access a computer that is password protected without the correct password. Connect your Windows 10 account to your Outlook.com account, this protects you in case someone tries to change the password using any tool, as password elimination tools don't work for Accounts connected to Outlook.com. Make sure your password isn't one that others know already or can guess easily.

Second, and optional, you can sometimes lock users out of a computer by putting a bios password, if you have the option, you can enable it, after you make a backup of the bios settings. Enabling password-based access means they can't load the computer, side load applications to tamper with Windows, or boot from another drive. It, also, means they cannot tamper with the Bios settings either without doing a CMOS reset.

Third, and optional, if you have others who are savvy enough to just pull the hard drives from the computer to spy on you, you can use Windows Bit locker to encrypt the drives and the operating system. It may take a while to encrypt the entire drive, but once they are encrypted, there isn't too much overhead cost to running an encrypted system, and you can go as far as encrypting every USB key, too. This is, also, good, just in case, you ever lose a USB drive, or your computer is stolen.

If possible, make sure no one can access your computer internals easily, You can replace thumbscrews with normal screws and lock away your tools somewhere safe.

Now, if it too late, you can backup all your data onto USB drives, and do the following instructions, first.

First, download the Windows 10 Installation Media Creation tool from https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10.

Second, create a Windows 10 disc or USB installation drive for yourself.

Third, after having backed up everything necessary, format and reinstall Windows 10 from Scratch.

Then, finally, go to the beginning of this article and do at least the first step to protect yourself, and optionally do steps two and three for more protection in the future.

I hope this helps solve or prevent others from tampering with your Windows 10 computer in keeping Net Nanny off of it.

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