How-to secure online accounts and social media profiles after a bad break up

An explanation into how to secure accounts and social media accounts after a bad break up

Episode #9-30 released on March 10, 2019

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This is based on the conversation I had with a dear friend who is having issues with an ex-partner. Most of the time, when a relationship ends, both parties leave and very little happens in the form of harassment. There may be a reason to continue communicating like a child, but that is it. However, that is not what I am going to help some of you solve today. I am going to help you deal with those that become stalkers and harass ex-partners endlessly. Take my advice and use it as you need and remember, if you are ever in immediate danger, call the police immediately.

First thing you should be doing after any relationship ends is changing all your passwords in any or even all accounts, and make sure you aren't using passwords your ex-partner can guess. If need be, use LastPass to create completely random passwords for every account. If the service supports it, use two-factor authentication, if it wasn't already enabled. You may want to reset it if your partner had access to your two-factor authentication method.

Second thing call up every service you do business with and remove their name from the account and change the answer to the security question. Be sure to impose a prohibition on the account that names that person as being banned from making changes to the account under all circumstances.

Third detail, social networking, either get rid of them or place them in restricted class. On Facebook the restricted group is a place where anyone can see your public posts but not your private posts unless you tag them in the post. This, also, means that many of the confidential information is, also, blocked from being accessed. You can immediately convert all public content to private by going to settings, privacy and then clicking limit past posts in Facebook.

Fourth and a very necessary action to deal with stalkers, under privacy in your phone for all applications for photos and videos, social networking, etc. disable location services. In applications like Snapchat disable it further by going to settings, see my location then selecting Only Me. Stalkers can use geolocation data available to them to track you, disabling it is important. But there is an extra step, wait before posting photos to social media until after events are done. This makes tracking you even harder and furthermore won't indicate to anyone reliably when you can be robbed or have your place trashed. It is, also, possible during the day if someone has an idea of the time and date to use shadows from the Sun to determine a rough location. I know it may seem far fetched but by not posting immediately the time wasted calculating your position will end in a fruitless endeavor for the ex-partner turned stalker.

Fifth, if your mobile device has an emergency mode, enable it. Under settings in iOS for the iPhone, you can enable auto call and even disable countdown sound this way no one is aware that the cops are listening on the dangerous situation.

If you have any questions about what I have suggested talk to your closest tech savvy friends or message me. If you have any other suggestions or comments make them below or on my YouTube channel for this video. Share with anyone, regardless of gender, who has the kind of ex-partner I endeavor to help you all with.

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