Spotting the Scam Whilst Being Told Your Device May Be Broken

An Explanation on how to avoid being scammed by carefully coded advertisements that look like real warnings about damage to your browser, battery or device.

Episode #9-26 released on February 10, 2019

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I am assuming you might be watching the video, or reading this, because you visited a web-site and got a pop-up window, or a full screen message saying a device you use, like your cellphone, tablet, etc. has been damage, infected, etc. and it is asking you to call a phone number. It may make claims that not calling that number may lead to further of the device.

I will make this episode good for both kinds of people, the need an answer now, and those who are curious to why.

If your question is, is this for real, is my device going to be damaged? The answer is absolutely not!

The reason why is that this is most likely an advertisement carefully crafted to look like a real warning. It can, also, be a virus that has gotten into your device, or malicious code that has successfully changed default settings to make it look like your browser or device is damaged.

You probably got this going somewhere you weren't supposed to be going online anyway. Changing your habits online will definitely reduce the chance of seeing this message. Consider using an adblocker online, especially if you visit unsavory web-sites. If your browser has been compromised on a mobile device, uninstall it, unless it is the default application. A default application in Android can be disabled, then reenabled to restore its settings. On a computer, or Android device, run an antivirus and anti-malware to validate the device or computer is clean.

If your computer or device is beyond just cleaning, either format the computer and reinstall your operating system, or for a device, do a factory reset on it.

And, my last bit of advice, and the most important, never call the number, never give any personal information, never give them any payment details, and never give them any money at all. Don't follow any instructions they give you.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Dot Net

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