Multiple Ways of Preventing People From Chatting with You on Facebook

Tricks and techniques that work better at dealing with annoying chatters than just blocking them.

Episode #9-24 released on January 27, 2019

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Do you use Facebook Messenger? Is someone really annoying you? Don't feel like chatting with them? Need more options than just blocking them? Today, learn about more options that you may or may not have known about, and what can be done about it. Some of the solutions are short term and some of them are long term, so stay tuned, at least till the end of this before you liberate some of your time from chatting to annoying people on Facebook Messenger.

The first way of stopping some people from chatting with you is disabling your online status. On the mobile version of messenger click on your profile icon, go to active status, and set it to off. On the desktop, since each device is separate, click the gear icon and turn off active status. Do this to every device. People who wait for you to be, at least supposedly online, will not message you. This people though are the politest, waiting for you to be at least online before messaging.

For those you don't want to see you are online, on the desktop, you can maintain an active status but disable to a select few by going to the advanced chat settings, by clicking edit on the right bar meant for the chat on the desktop. You have a few choices there, one to select active status be off for those selected, turn off active status to all but a few listed, or turn it off entirely.

Another method is to mute them. On each chat window or in the mobile messenger you have the option to mute. You won't get any notifications for a set period of time, or until you reactivate it.

If you don't want to block them for some reason, but don't want to see any of the messages, you can, also, select ignore messages. This removes the chat from your messenger but doesn't block the person. They can continue to send messages, but you won't see the messages. To see messages, you need to search for them in messenger on the mobile version, or on the desktop click on the chat icon, go to message requests, then see filtered messages. If you reply to the messages it will re-enable messages to be sent to you.

The last option, short of blocking them completely, is to block messages. This option does not allow them to message you back. You won't receive any notifications from them on messenger because they can't send you messages. You can allow them to send messages in future, and this does not remove them from your Facebook profile as a friend.

Blocking someone on Facebook is the final method but should be done as a last resort. Remember, sometimes people are trying to reach out because you may be the last person they can confide in, sometimes blocking them may end up charactering assassinating you will not be aware of, or worse. And, when you come to unblock them, there is a delay in which you can re-block the person again. The other methods have no such delay between disabling them and re-enabling them.

Then, there is the option to never have allowed them to be friends with your or allow chats on Facebook in the first place.

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