How-To Flash Images on Flash Drives

A simplified process to flashing images onto flash drives.

Episode #9-23 released on January 20, 2019

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Etcher is a useful program that is very simple to use. It has a very limited scope of use case scenarios, but within those use cases it does them extremely well. The instructions we will be providing are meant for Noobs for Raspberry Pi, but you can replace the image with anything you want provided you are writing to a SD card, micro SD card, or USB drive.

The first step is to get your image file to be flashed onto your SD card, micro SD card or USB stick. For Raspberry Pi, you can go to the site, link in sources below, and download Noobs, or Raspbian.

The second step is getting the program called Etcher, a link is bellow in the sources. Install the application and open it up.

The third step click the select image button and select the image from your computer you want to flash onto the memory card or drive.

The fourth step is to click the select drive button which will provide options of valid flash memory drives.

The fifth step is to click Flash! This will flash the drive, and everything you had on it before will be gone. When it is done, make sure to eject the drive safely from your computer to avoid issues.

Your drive is ready for use at this point. There is nothing left to do but simply use your drive. You can use this method to flash any image on any memory card of your choice.

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