Making Non-Steam Game Launchable with Steam Link

Instructions that allow you to launch non-steam games from Steam Link

Episode #9-22 released on January 13, 2019

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Linking non-steam video games in the Steam client for use with Steam Link isn't really hard but having a few instructions may help improve the likelihood that everything works correctly with any issues. Here are a few steps to get everything to work the first time around.

Most gaming clients like Uplay, Origin, etc. have an overlay, this overlay will cause issues. Disable the overlay whenever you intend to use Steam to launch the game for Steam Link.

For faster launching of games, enable start with Windows option in the game clients that you intend to link your games from. This will cut down the time required to launch the game by having the game launcher client already enabled.

Having the game client routinely start with Windows, also, allows the games to update so that will allow for faster gaming launching because you won't be waiting for the game to update first.

Once those things are down, you should be ready for the next set of instructions, actually adding the game to your Steam Library as a non-steam game.

To add the game, click Add A Game in bottom left corner. Then, click on Add a Non-Steam game. Either select from the list, or click browse, and find the game shortcut. In the case of Uplay,, etc. It is better to link the launcher as it apparently resolves issues related to audio for some people. For games not included in launchers, clicking on browse then linking to the game file indicated in their shortcut will allow you to launch those without issues.

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