A Free Useful Browser Extension That Makes Web-sites Dark

How-to make your Internet experience your own, whether you like web-sites in their intended beauty, or in dark mode.

Episode #9-05 released on September 16, 2018

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The Internet is full of bright, visually stimulating web-sites with colored or white backgrounds that catch your attention with services that make you want to come back every single day. The problem? They have bright visually stimulating backgrounds and designs that can be overwhelming to our senses, whether we refer to using them at night, or repeatedly. Wouldn't it be nice to finally tone them down, like enabling a universal dark mode on every web-site, on the entire Internet, including those without a dark mode available?

The solution is as simple as an extension, and it is free. It works with virtually every popular browser, and Microsoft Edge.

The browser extension is called Night Eye and can be downloaded at https://nighteye.app. It has three modes, Dark, Filtered and Normal. The normal mode doesn't touch anything about the site. Filtered mode allows you to adjust brightness, contract, saturation, blue light and even dim it. Dark mode includes, all filter mode options plus colors and images. You, also, have the option to select a default mode, on and off short cuts, language, and of course, uninstall it. You, also, have a giant very visible button to enable or disable it in your browser, too.

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