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An explanation to what Multiple Graphics cards configurations will not be able to achieve in gaming computers, and why a single graphics card may be better and less expensive to build a computer with.

Episode #9-04 released on September 9, 2018

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Recently, I have noticed that there are a few misunderstandings about how SLI and Crossfire work in a gaming computer, and today, I shall be clearing it up to you in the clearest way possible.

Adding another graphics card to your computer to enable SLI and Crossfire will not double the VRAM, therefore, if you have a 4GB graphics card, and you add an identical 4GB graphics card, you do not have 8GB of VRAM, you still have 4GB of VRAM because of the way SLI and Crossfire ultimately work.

Adding another graphics card to your computer will not double the performance of your computer either. If you were getting 60 frames per second, you will not be getting 120 frames per second, you will achieve a mild approximation of 10-15% of performance due to the way graphics card architecture works, and it is, also, dependent on the game developers, as well.

Adding a second graphics card to get twice the VRAM or performance, even the mild performance boost, is not economically better for your wallet, either. Spending money a single, better, graphics card can result in price savings in cooling in your computer, because you will not require as many cooling fans, or as big a computer chassis. You will benefit from needing a smaller mainboard, therefore saving money there. You will benefit from being able to buy a better, yet smaller wattage power supply unit, because you will need less power to run the computer. You will, also, spend less money on electricity, because both cards may double the power usage of a single card, yet the benefit is only about 10-15%, if at all, depending on the application.

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