Which Spam Filter Choice is better?

Steve Smith discusses which filter options are best for spam prevention in your Gmail or account, and which company has the right idea currently.

Episode #8-39 released on May 20, 2018

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Everyone hates spam, today, I compare Microsoft's, to Google's Gmail. Focusing on a very specific set of features related to SPAM.

Let's start off with a fact, both Microsoft and Google already filter a lot of spam for you. However, from my experience, it seems that Google does a better job which explains why I have so little SPAM in my GMAIL account, compared to my Microsoft Outlook account. Or, it could be that the SPAM flood is simply targeted better against Microsoft's service.

Let's start off with, how the spam and rules tool works in You select the email, or e-mails you have determined to be SPAM, and select junk, or sweep. Junk places them into the junk folder. Sweep, however, allows you to delete all messages from the inbox, all and future messages, always keep the latest message and delete the rest, or only keep messages that are less than 10 days old. The first option is great for spam, as it automatically deletes it all, without any user interaction after. It creates a rule for that, and that is it.

For Gmail, you can report spam, snooze, mute, filter messages like these, and when you click filter, do as you wish. It has more options, however, more options while it can allow for more precision, can complicate things for less knowledgeable users. In this case, spam, should be deleted. And, like, you will never see future messages like this again. It is important to note though, that reporting the SPAM using the option will, also, decrease SPAM coming in, for you, and all other Gmail users, too. To find the option to filter, go into the three vertical dot options drop down.

Now, the best option would have to be the most accessible option for all users, and thus, the easiest to use. While, Google and Microsoft have the same relative feature. only requires two clicks after selecting the message. Click sweep in top menus, default is delete all messages, you can use and any future messages option. Then click sweep in bottom of that popup window. This makes the Microsoft option better, for now.

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