Synergy 2 Finally Works!?

Getting Synergy 2 to work, and what is still apparently broken for myself

Steve Smith talks about Synergy 2, what is finally working, what is still broken in my case, what I did to fix it, and what to do if nothing works. I, also, explain other details about the lack luster interface provided.

Episode #8-22 released on January 21, 2018

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What is there to explain about Synergy 2? For one, we don't have a user configuration menu made available like Synergy 1 had. This version is more of a Windows service than an actual program. The software is merely a means of connecting all the computers to the same account. Second, the way it seems to work and connect each computer together seems reminiscent of old school Skype, pre-Microsoft. Today, I will explain my experience with it, and how it eventually just worked, mostly.

For one, installing the application is relatively easy. Simply install it on every computer you wish to get connected.

Secondly, login into your Symless account. Do this on every computer you wish to use.

Third, slide each of the computer screen icons into the position you want the mouse to be able to access each other. There may be an update in the future that slightly changes this for multi-monitor computer setups, but this is valid as of version 2.0.4.

This will allow you to be able to work with multiple computers, using any keyboard or mouse. There is no longer a master or slave keyboard or mouse, you can switch with ease. If you need to prevent the mouse or keyboard from leaving the screen, use the scroll lock button. Also, if for some reason you are locked to a screen, it is probably the scroll lock responsible on any of the devices you are using. Check all your keyboards for this prior to panicking.

Now, debugging is an issue in this case, after following many instructions online, I have found many simply won't work for anyone. However, uninstalling and reinstalling the application software did fix it in my case. There is the possibility that turning off the Windows Firewall on each computer may help see if each computer can connect, but it changes nothing. Also, turning off the firewall of any computer is a really bad idea, to begin with.

Then, there is the subject of other technologies that one may consider important to being able to use some applications, like UPNP, or Samba. I have these turned off in all my computers, and disabled in my router, as well. Which is where my old school skype connection style comes into play. Synergy 2, can connect two computers, or more, regardless of how complicated the network is. The connection is made possible by the additional of an additional server, and provided your network can communicate with that specific server, there is no reason Synergy 2 shouldn't work, provided every computer is running the same version, too. That being said, I accept any challenge, provided each person has a clean install of Synergy 2 installed, and the scroll on every keyboard is not enabled. Now, if you want to see a real-time debug, click the ~ button, and you will see the debug window appear to help you give you an idea of what is happening. We, also, have F12 to force as server, for those who need that, too.

Now, the only issue I am experiencing, the drag and drop feature does not work from one Windows 10 machine, to another Windows 10 machine. This I have yet to see a solution for, yet. It is related to the Drag and Drop OLE feature, which has to do with the clipboard, apparently. Considering, I can't copy and paste either. It may be an issue with having a shared clipboard, altogether. However, isn't a deal breaker, considering I use OneDrive to host files that I use all the time, and that updates to every device, regardless. You may consider using a cloud drive instead of trying to use this feature, just to save on headaches, and maintain an up to date backup of important files. As for using copy and paste, there isn't really a solution right now for that to be possible, if you experience this issue.

The one plus side to everything, Symless, will refund you if anything does not work. I am getting what I wanted from the experience, just a little sore the other features that don't work, but if this is a deal breaker for yourself, get a refund by emailing

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