5 Questions Asked and Answered Related to WIFI, Networking, Data Recovery and Deletion, and Power Management.

Steve Smith provides simple solutions to some common issues commonly posted on Reddit's tech support forum.

Episode #8-18 released on December 25, 2017

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Interference from Microwave Affecting WIFI

The simple solution to deal with interference with a microwave is to change channel of your WIFI to be as far away from 2.5GHZ, or use the 5ghz spectrum, if possible. Also, stop using a microwave. Cordless phones can, also, pose the same issues.

Viruses, WIFI and ETHERNET

Viruses don't care how you are connected to the Internet, and viruses can spread from computer to computer via the network. Only potential solution is to separate each device using access point isolation available in many routers, but then only issue is you can't stream from computers and other mobile devices to other devices like a Google Chromecast.

Installing a drive from another computer without formatting, is it possible?

For those wondering, you are not required to format a drive from another computer to use it with another PC, otherwise data recovery would not be possible. The only issues you may run into is data transfer with access permissions. Windows, and some other platforms lock user data in some folders so only the user can access that data. You will have to change the security permissions to access those files.

Permanently Deleting Files on Any Device, possible?

The only way to delete a file permanently is to write to the entire drive, several times over. A simple deletion will not erase the file, and this is especially true on SSDs. Consider using an application like DBAN to do the job correctly.

Computer Wakes up randomly after being put asleep

While, it may not be immediately evident, if you have a modern mouse, chances are it has an optical sensor. Whether it is infrared or laser, chances are it is sensitive. The slightest movement may trigger it, and you screen will simply turn back on. Cure, go to Device Manager, select your mouse, go to Power management and uncheck the box written Allow this device to wake the computer. This should solve most of everyone's issues.

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