What Could Happen in a Net Neutrality Law Free United States

Steve Smith talks about the consequences of a United States free of net neutrality laws.

Episode #8-15 released on December 3, 2017

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Will a VPN, in the United States, be able to bypass ISP level slow lanes and blocked websites?

How about we paint a picture of what America might look like online if Net Neutrality is repealed. And, this starting with VPNs.

Virtual Private Networks, VPNs, are an amazing way for people to access the Internet free of any slow downs or blocks, with one major caveat, they can, also, be blocked by your ISP. Internet Service Providers do have the ability to block any web-site they choose, much like your own router, this makes it extremely easy for them to block VPNs, and if Net Neutrality is killed off, who knows, maybe they will charge extra for VPN access, which is important for businesses who have many satellite offices around the country or world.

Netflix, Youtube, etc. might be slowed down significantly. While, many ISPs will complain about usage by these services, I want to make something incredibly clear. You, Netflix, Youtube, every web-site on the Internet pays an Internet Access Fee, already. Transmitting the data from Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, etc. is not free by any means for them. So, charging them more is like convicting a person of the same crime, twice, known as double jeopardy, which is illegal. Why should any service by forced to pay a second time for higher connection speed rates, when you and those companies already pay for a specific set of speeds, to begin with. And, let's not forget, each packet is already paid for twice, once by the sender, and another by the receiver, too.

Connecting to these web services, or any other using a VPN, if your ISP doesn't block VPNS after the potential Net Neutrality repeal, may still pose an issue. Your VPN service must be able to send you to any other Net Neutral country to access to Internet, which means you will experience a little more lag, for a bit more speed. And, that may be one of the only ways, provided your ISP doesn't block your chosen VPN service or VPN IP.

For those wondering why the US government should have a Net Neutrality law, and keep it designated as title two, this is simple. No one wants regulations, not yourself, not companies, and the government can save a lot of money by not policing the Internet. That dream is only achievable under two specific circumstances. That being when there is a significant amount of competition, which does not exist anywhere in the USA, regarding Internet access. And, two, where a Net Neutrality law explicitly bans discrimination of packets coming from any service. Or, to put it in a term you understand, would you like to be banned or forced to wait before entering a store, workplace, bus, car, anything, just because you are you, because you are related to someone else, or because of your status, etc. probably not. Repealing Net Neutrality in the United States is a vote for discrimination of packets, all packets should be treated equally, and the Internet's Infrastructure depends on this fact.

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