Mounting ISO, Bin CUE, and Other Disc Images in Windows 10

Steve Smith explains how to mount disc images in Windows 10, whether it is ISO, Bin, CUE, or anything else.

Episode #8-13 released on November 19, 2017

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Someone asked me something interesting, how does one mount an ISO in Windows 10? Which is relatively a simple task, but what about unsupported file formats?

The native method of mounting a ISO file in Windows 10 only requires you right click the mouse, and select mount. You can, also, select the ISO file in the file explorer, go to manage, and mount the ISO as a drive, and it will appear as a drive itself. It ISO file needs to be on a drive that is formatted as NTFS, so mounting from a virtually mounted drive isn’t possible. You’ll have to copy and paste the file you want to mount on the drive.

Looking to mount other images like ISO, like BIN and CUE, then try Sysprogs’ WinCDEmu 4.1 application which is really small, and light weight, and can, also, easily mount the drive using the right click contextual menu. Furthermore, this application, also, allows for the mounted drive to be remounted after restarting the computer, and you can, also, disable autorun, too.

If you are wondering how to unmount a mounted disc image, right click it, and select eject.

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