Dealing with Windows 10 Powering Off Microphones and Other Hardware

Steve Smith talks about Windows 10 power schemes, powering off hardware, specifically microphones, and how to solve that issue.

Episode #8-11 released on November 5, 2017

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What is the most annoying thing a computer running Windows 10 can do? Randomly turn off connected equipment you are using at that time. There are several things you will have to do depending on the type of equipment connected, but after this episode, never again will Windows 10 make you think your devices are haunted. In my case, because my computer has a UPS connected via USB, Windows 10 believes my computer tower is a laptop.

Microphones, speakers and headphones

In my case, my biggest issue is related to the microphone, but Windows 10 can automatically power down anything from your speakers, headphones, headsets, or microphones. To prevent Windows 10, and previous versions, go to Sound, select any device that you need to remain powered, go to listen and select continue running when on battery power.

For Hard drives and Other equipment

Go to settings, system, then power and sleep. You can control the screen, and sleep cycle from here. From more refined control over each type of item, select additional power settings on the right. This will bring up power options that allow you to control everything from hard disks, USB settings, PCI Express settings, and more. You’ll be able to adjust what happens under the various power settings you have set up.

To change your current power setting preference, search for power options using the Windows search tool, this is, also, in the control panel, under hardware and sound. You will be able to choose and customize your power plan here.

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