The Solution to Cleaning a Computer without Compressed Air

Steve Smith talks about the EasyGo CompuCleaner, a solution to cleaning your computer without the need of cans of compressed air.

Episode #8-10 released on October 29, 2017

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I've said it before, and so have many others, a clean computer is a happy, more thermally efficient computer.

Currently, many people use canned air, which when used inappropriately causes condensation and could freeze various components of the computer, and possibly your hand, as well. And, since these cans of compressed air can be expensive, and you may require several cans just to clean your PC, keyboard, and or other devices.

A few months I was given for my birthday an air blower to clean my computers, and keep them clean, and today I will be talking about it, and showing you many of the attachments that come with it that will make your life easier, and in the long term be far less expensive.

The EasyGo CompuCleaner is an air blower, not compressed air, that delivers 70 CFM of air pressure in the form of a continuous air stream from a 4.5 AMP 500-watt compressor that plugs into the wall using a 9-foot cable, with several attachments that allow for easy cleaning.

The blower comes with 2 speeds, which allows for a higher 70 CFM stream, and a lower speed stream, which I can only presume is 35 CFM. This means that you can far more easily clean the inside of a computer by blowing all the dust out of the computer in speeds appropriate to the components that you are trying to clean.

The blower does warm up while being used, which is completely normal for any device compressing and pushing air at a high rate, as this device does do, but this specific one does not become so hot from normal usage to not be safe to use on computer components. The attachments available, 6 in this box, allow for modifying how much pressure is applied to the blowing end, with a wide-open mouth, a 1-centimeter nozzle end, and half a centimeter nozzle end, which allows for the attachment of a flexible tube, as well as, a tighter end nozzle for clean keyboards and other tight places, and a brush extension to allow to also remove caked dust that requires some convincing to be removed.

The blower works great, and as intended. However, there are a few details to keep in mind. The dust filter underneath is hard to remove and clean. It can be cleaned, and must be cleaned frequently, you will just find it difficult to clean. While, my unit hasn't overheated, some have speculated it does, although apparently rare. The small flexible pipe goes into the half centimeter nozzle end, but it is a tight fit, and the brush attachment is, also, connected to the same flexible pipe, also, has the same issue, as well.

And, 9-feet seems like a lot of length, but it truly depends on the distance from the computer or device in question. And, not to mention, that this blower is exceptionally good at blowing dust away. You will have to vacuum the surround area after, or do it outside, despite it clearly indicating not to.

But, if everything sounds good to you, you can use the link down below, or on the show notes page to purchase the air blower from EasyGo for yourself.

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