New Features and UI Improvements in iOS 11

Steve Smith talks about new features like Do Not Disturb for driving, SOS mode, the new flashlight, Apple TV integration, the new control center, new settings for location settings, adjustments to the music application, screen recording, and the lack of select all for email.

Episode #8-05 released on September 24, 2017

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I have an iPhone 6s, you know, the last iPhone with a headphone jack. I listen to music, all kinds of music. I have an Apple TV, and I like watching Netflix. So, every time Apple puts out a new iOS I like to take a few moments to look at it, and give my take, and this time, I have a lot to say on some cool features.

For the first time ever, Apple, with iOS11 takes safety first with a few new features designed to help you stay safe, and get help. Let us start with Do Not Disturb for driving. The feature functions in both manual and automatic modes. Can automatically text everyone, your favorites, or no one that you are driving, and no annoying notifications will be shown while you drive. This is amazing, useful, and will more than likely save a life.

Then there is the SOS mode, which can be accessed by repeatedly hitting the power button 5 times. It can be set to auto call, just in case, GPS is tied to the mode, and you can, also, swipe for the SOS call. If you can't speak, this feature, depending on the accuracy of GPS that emergency services get, may save your own life. But, going one step further, this mode, also disables Touch and Face ID features. Meaning that for the first time ever, law enforcement will not be able to force you to unlock your phone by physically applying your fingers or face to the camera.

Then, there is the flashlight. I must say it, and adjustable flashlight is an amazing idea. I don't need a bat signal every time I try to find something in the dark. Sometimes I just need a little light, so that is a cool addition.

Then, Apple TV menus available from the lock screen, that is amazing. No need for a dedicated application, just customize the control center to include Apple TV, or any number of controls.

Which brings us to the control center, it can finally be customized. With 16 possible additions to the control center, you can finally make it your own. And, on that same point, personal hotspot can be accessed from the control center, so you can turn it on or off, when you need it.

Now, let us talk about privacy and location services. Thank you, Apple, for finally forcing the idea down application developers' throats that we don't need or want to be tracked everywhere we go. We now have, whether applications like or not, the option for set GPS tracking to while using application. I personally set everything but whether to this, even applications that in iOS10 support this feature at all.

Now, the music player. I still find it iffy, but I have gotten used to it, having to swipe up after selecting the current song playing to place something in repeat all, one, or none, is not user friendly in my own opinion, but now you can hit play easily, or shuffle. I've love for the repeat option to be there, maybe next time.

Now, finally, screen recording is now a thing in iOS, with iOS11, we can finally record video natively without any other cumbersome addons to the phones. This is amazing and will make videos like this one more accessible for everyone to do, as of right now.

Now, what is missing from iOS11? Select all, within the mail application, so we can empty our inboxes. Selecting each email by hand is annoying, long and tedious, as we all know.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Dot Net

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