Automatically Lockout Computer with Bluetooth

Steve Smith demonstrates how to activate dynamic lock in Windows 10, allowing for a Bluetooth enabled computer logout based on the absence of your mobile phone within proximity of your computer or laptop.

Episode #8-04 released on September 17, 2017

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What is the best way to prevent unauthorized access to a computer? Log out whenever you aren't around. This can be achieved by clicking the start button and the L key at the same time. But, what if you forget, what then? Anyone could use your computer at that point, and there isn't anything you can do about it.

Well, this brings us to a cool nifty trick that Windows 10 now supports, which does require a Bluetooth enabled computer and a mobile device. The mobile device, also, must be paired to your computer, as well. If you met these criteria, open Windows settings, by using the start menu and click the gear icon. Click devices. Make sure your device is properly listed. Go to accounts, from the settings page, then click sign-in options. Check the box for dynamic lock and you are done.

How does it work? When your chosen device, like your cellphone is away from your computer for more than 30 seconds and the computer is currently not being used during that time, the computer will lock your account. Coming back into range will not unlock the computer. Is it as safe as you manually locking out the session, no. But, it is better than nothing at all, especially if you forget to lock your computer occasionally.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Dot Net

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