Mount and Bookmark NAS in Ubuntu 14.04

Learn how to mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 14.04

Steve Smith demonstrates how to mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 14.04, and create a bookmark to automount the NAS drive in the future should the need for future access arise.

Episode #4-44 released on July 24, 2014

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A long time ago I explained how to mount a NAS Drive in Ubuntu, and considering that episode is based off an old version of Ubuntu, I decided a refresh was in order.

This refresh is based on the latest Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, is designed to be quite painless, especially for anyone who is not a seasoned Linux user. Linux, like Windows, offers countless possibilities, and, also, shares many of the same issues. Regardless of platform, hard drives will fail, and having more than one copy will ensure that you will be less stressed when you hard drives crash. Notice I said, when, not if. All hard drives fail. A NAS drive, short for network attached storage, is an in home cloud drive. It allows all computers to storage backups onto it, and to share files on it, as well.

Fortunately, Ubuntu, like Windows, does allow you to easily find the NAS drive within the network provided it is within the same sub net, which for most home networks, it will be.

To mount a NAS drive in Ubuntu 14.04, open the Home Folder, under network, select browse network, select your NAS drive, and then the folder you wish to mount by right clicking your mouse, and selecting mount. This is only temporary, to make it a little more permanent, right click the mounted drive, and create bookmark. You can rename the bookmark to what you want so you remember which folder is mounted. Next time you turn on your computer, selecting the bookmark will auto-mount the NAS drive, and bring you to the folder you want mounted.

Now, fortunately, Windows users get to auto-mount NAS drives automatically, and at one point, Ubuntu users will be, for now, the short cut will have to do.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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