iOS6: Do Not Disturb

Finally, phone calls don't cause iPhones to ring

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains how to use the new iOS6 feature, Do Not Disturb.

Episode #3-03 released on September 30, 2012

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Name one thing you can't do with an iPhone, and you'll understand, at least one reason to have the Do Not Disturb feature on an iPhone, that thing we can't do, charge our iPhone while it is off. If we could that, we wouldn't need this feature, at least most people cases, but since we are stuck with a phone that won't power off while being charged, and we have this new feature, I see fit a valid reason to explain what you can do with this.

Available for anyone with an iPhone 3GS or better, you activate this feature by visiting the settings application of your iPhone, then slide the Off option to On. Click on Notifications below, then Do not Disturb, and you will see three new settings.

You have the option to use Scheduled, Allow Calls From, and Repeated Calls. For scheduled, enter the beginning time you wish not to be disturbed, and then end time. Like the time you sleep. Note: during my tests I noted that if your looking at your iPhone, as in, using it currently it will ring, only when the screen is off will it cease ringing, turning on the light or giving you notifications. If your playing with your phone, it will ring.

For the Allow Calls From, you can set Everyone, No One, Favorites, or groups, if you have any. Some applications in the App store will help you make groups. If you set Allow Calls From - No One, then it would ring for anyone.

Then you have the repeated calls option you can, also, enable. If anyone calls within three minutes, then the Do Not Disturb functionality is bypassed, good for emergencies, if the people calling you know about the feature on your phone. This option can be disabled to prevent any abuse, from let's say, companies that figure out this tactic.

That is basically how this feature works. Next week, I'll be giving a step by step instructional on OpenVPN, how to use it, and how it works.

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