Turning Off Plugins in Web Browsers

Preventing Add-ons from compromising security by turning them off.

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains how to plugins, like Java, in your favorite web browser.

Episode #2-50 released on September 9, 2012

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The world of the internet is full of plug-ins and add-ons, and they typically enhance our experience on the internet, but what happens when one plug-in, like Java for example, becomes more of a liability that you still require to use in your computer, what can you do? Do you risk it and keep it, or do you uninstall that plug-in, all together? How about if I told you, you can keep your plug-in, and keep it from being used by your browser?

Now, although you may believe that certain plug-ins are still required to experience the internet as the developer intended, the only web-sites you really should be visiting are those keeping up to date with the times, this is why certain plug-ins are no longer required to make the internet work over time. One such example is ActiveX, now only used by Microsoft to do updates. Currently Flash and Java are going to be suffering the same fate. The only good thing about Java is that it was made to enhance the internet, and run programs, so Java is not something you necessarily want to remove completely, which is why I'm going to explain how to keep it from running in your web browser.

Now, how about we get to the hard stuff, turning off the Java plugin.

To turn off the Java plugin in Chrome, you type chrome://plugins in the address bar, and scroll down to Java, and turn off anything related to Java with the disable button.

To turn off Java in Mozilla FireFox, click on the Firefox or tools button, then click on add-ons. In the add-ons panel, click on plugins, click on Java, then disable.

To disable Java in Safari, choose Safari, then preferences, click Security, and uncheck enable Java.

To disable Java in Opera, click on the Opera menus, settings, preferences. In preferences, click the advanced tab, and make sure enable plugins is checked, and to disable Java, uncheck enable plugins.

And finally, how do we disable Java in Internet Explorer for those still using that particular browser, if you using Internet Explorer 7, or greater, and I hope you are, select tools, manage add-ons, select Java plug-in, and then click disable. Close, and OK to accept changes.

That is it, all you had to do to turn off Java in those 5 most popular web browsers. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or stories, please e-mail me at ask@tqaweekly.com, use my contact form at tqaweekly.com, or use the comments section on this page.

Next week, and for those interested in starting their own podcast, I will go through the process of creating your very own podcast feed, how to enable tracking, how to submit your feed to the iTunes store, and what type of file it needs to be to be accepted to such a place, and other places and tools that you useful to the beginning podcaster.

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