What is Whois?

Accessing Domain Owner and Technical Support online or though the Linux Terminal.

Steve Smith, host of your TQA Weekly, explains what whois is, and how to use.

Episode #2-32 released on May 6, 2012

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Ever visit a web-site, and be confronted with a message to contact the webmaster to notify an error has occurred, and wonder, how exactly am I going to do that. The answer is WHOIS.

Now, what is WHOIS, and what can we do with this?

WHOIS, which actually is pronouced, who is, is a tool we can use to determine who is domain name's owner. In the results, we can be presented information about who registered the domain name, who is the webmaster, who is the registrar, etc...

Now, with all this information, who do we contact if something is wrong with the web-site?

The webmaster is the person to contact if something is wrong with a web-site, this said, even if you don't use the WHOIS function, the address is typically webmaster@domainname.com, or info@domainname.com. The issue is, sometimes, like in our case, these are addresses we do not use. No specific reason except that these addresses are targeted by spammers, as well. Now, if you in linux, and want to use the WHOIS tool, click on Crtl+Alt+T, type in whois, then the domain name in question, then enter. This will request the information from the registrar, and you may have the information you want to learn about who owns a specific domain name, and since when. Now, if the registrar, and / or owner, has made the information private, it will simply state this, as fact. There is also a web-site you can use to WHOIS a domain at http://www.betterwhois.com/. This gives the same information as the terminal based search does.

Next week, we will be taking a look into attaining God-Like power within the Linux Terminal.

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